The Table of Contents

No Trails Home Young Guns 2 Debra Hicks 5
Top Ten ListsKiefer/Lou Anonymous 12
The Call 1969 / Extreme Justice Robyn LaSalle 13
The Wolf and the Eagle Shadow of the Wolf Desiree Falcon 17
CrossroadsThe Three Kings Mariah Burke23
Diamond Desire Kiefer/Lou Robyn LaSalle 53
Love Lies BleedingMiami Vice: Red Tape Stancio del Norte 55
Season's Change Kiefer/Lou Robyn LaSalle 59
Partners The First Power Robyn LaSalle 61
Single-Hearted Kiefer/Lou Robyn LaSalle 105
Spirit Dance Renegades Coyote Dreamer 107
Blood Debt The Lost Boys Kassandra Zeus 115
Denouement Kiefer/Lou Julian 135
Zookeeper Kiefer/Lou rj burnett 136
End Credits Ambition / Brotherhood of Justice Robyn LaSalle 137
No Absolution Renegades rj burnett 148
The Jewel Bearer Kiefer/Lou Mirenna 150
And Sometime Later, a Gift of Diamond Kiefer/Lou Mirenna 151
Shelter from the Storm Kiefer/Lou TM Alexander 155
Dove and Raven, Eagle and Sparrow Kiefer/Lou Mirenna 167
Primordial Soup Kiefer/Lou Julian173


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