The Table of Contents

"That's What Friends are For" Multimedia
"Back to Back" Hardcastle & McCormick
"Can't Let Go" Starsky/Hutch
"For All My Life" Simon & Simon
"Patterns" The X-Files
"It's a Jungle Out There" Miami Vice
"Cuts Both Ways" Miami Vice (Crockett/Castillo)
"Bad Company" Blake's 7
"One Night in Bangkok" Miami Vice
"Walk Like a Man" Quantum Leap
"Living on the Edge of the Night" Forever Knight
"Crazy for Me" Wiseguy (Frank/Vinnie)
"Lives in the Balance" Wiseguy
"Rescue Me" Multimedia
"Reason to Believe" Wiseguy (Sonny/Vinnie)
"Vatican Rag" Wiseguy
"Wicked Games" Wiseguy (Sonny/Vinnie)
"Nights in White Satin" Wiseguy (Sonny/Vinnie)
"I Want to Know What Love Is" Miami Vice (Crockett/Castillo)
"Just the Way You Are" Quantum Leap
"Spiders and Snakes" Indiana Jones
"Losing My Religion" Starsky & Hutch
"Leaving the Straight Life Behind" Starsky/Hutch
"Something to Talk About" Multimedia

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