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You Don't Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression SianSheppard/McKay 5
Rodney is not the only one to find out he's on the 1996 Nobel Prize short list.

Quantum Entanglement SianSheppard/McKay 33
What happens when a quantum mirror is broken? How many universes and years of bad luck is that?

Anallagmatic SianSheppard/McKay 55
John Sheppard and Jeannie McKay got married so that she could stay in the country and John's Air Force superiors wouldn't find out he was gay. But the marriage hadn't lasted and he hadn't heard from her in more than three years until tonight. A 3:00 a.m. phone call from Jeannie sends John in search of her missing little brother, Rodney, who, along with his boss, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, had disappeared from something called the Asgard Institute. Will John find Rodney in time? Will Rodney be ungrateful and snide if he does? Yeah, sure, you betcha!

Live Free and Die SianSheppard/McKay 124
In a re-writing of the fourth "Die Hard" movie, Sian pits John and Rodney against time and a terrorist organization who is threatening to systematically take down the United States' computer infrastructure over the July 4th holiday. Detective John Sheppard and genius computer hacker Rodney McKay must get past their obvious distrust of one another and work together to stop the terrorists from shutting down air traffic towers, hospitals, traffic signals, banks, the TMZ website and all of the millions of things that rely upon computers to function. Will they succeed or will life as we know it come to a grinding halt?


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