The Table of Contents

Grayson Hall Kathryn Leigh Scott2
Loving Grayson Cheryl Yamner-Riggs3
Getting to Know Grayson Jeff Thompson5
The Life of Grayson Hall Melody Clark6
The Color of Death Marcy Robin9
Suicide Kathleen Resch12
Child of Dark Melody Clark14
The Eyes of Julia Hoffman May Sutherland17
My Interview with Julia Hoffman Nora L. Jeffrey21
Her Suspicions are Confirmed Charles Ellis23
The Heroine Marcy Robin26
A Day with Grayson Hall Marcy Robin29
Should Julia and Barnabas Marry? Adriana Pena34
On the Matter of Marriage Melody Clark36
Absolution in Amethyst Nora L. Jeffrey40
A Sister's Love Guy Haines40
The Giving Carol Maschke43
The Last Discovered Shore Nora L. Jeffrey50
Old Friends: February, 1971 Kathleen Resch52
Dawning May Sutherland54


Guy Hainesfront cover
Janet Meehan11
May Sutherland62, 64, 65
Jo Ann Christy12, 16, 33, 38, 51, 53

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