The Table of Contents

Some Day Song J.E. Lyons 2
Brothers Tammy L. Croft 23
Come Back Here, You Reptile! Tammy L. Croft 24
Priority Channel Robert Beardsell 26
Ro Larin Tammy L. Croft 31
Too Close Is Fear Debra L. Taylor 32
Ten Forward Bonnie Jean Reynolds 49
Shadows Pavane Corwin Long 50
Little One L.R.H. Balzer 55
Merril Flint Comes to Appreciate His Characters Jeff King 56
Who Knows Where Madness Lies Walter S. George 66
Promises Tammy L. Croft 99
Oaths and Dreams Tammy L. Croft 101


Warren Oddsson front cover, 2, 30, 32, 54, 66
Debbie Perron 24
Elinor T. Crosby 56, 100

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