The "I Can't Think of Anything Quantum Leap-y Right Now" of Contents

Follow You, Follow Me Miriam Elizabeth Cooper1
Sam Grinches Mrs. Who Lorraine Anderson9
Sam's Saltatorial Words of Wisdom Khrystyna14
Do You Believe in Miracles, Mr. Stanton? Jo Fox15
Teach a New Dog Old Tricks S.L. Schneider33
Sam's Saltatorial Words of Wisdom Khrystyna37
Maggie's Last Photograph Melissa Mastoris38
Tapestry Kerry Blackwell39
Crazy Little Things Micheline Caputo61
Wishful Thinking K. Hanna Korossy62
The Price Melissa Mastoris74
Shadows of the Night Wendy J. Sotos75
Father Figure Sheila Schneider80
Sam's Saltatorial Words of Wisdom Khrystyna88
As Others See Us Kerry Blackwell89
Roommates Carol Zara121
Fractured Mirror Leah Starsky128
A Time of Care Janice Bilby132


Terri Librande29, 117, 127
SherlockFront Cover

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