The Gooshie's Bad Breath of Contents

Coffee Break Dr. Seuss1
College Years Jo Fox9
Just Lucky, I Guess Cathy Madden23
Time Warp Kate Murphy26
Heavenly Intervention Miriam Cooper & Joyce Hatcher27
Second Chances Michelle Christian57
Double Crossed Elena Collier Schmitt59
Wherever My Road May Lie Terri Librande92
Bothered and Bewildered Lorraine Anderson100
Cartoon Sherlock119
Happy Birthday, Al Jill Eldridge120
The Three Doctors Beth Hlabse126
Blue Jeans and Sam Kate Murphy155
If I Should Die Before My Wake Elena Collier Schmitt156
The Company of Solitude Robin C. Kwong166
And Miles to Run Before I Leap Jamie Melody Randell174
The Words He Doesn't Say Jeanne Williams181


Sherlock56, 87, 125, 154, 165, 180
Joe KindelFront Cover
Terri Librande98

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