The Handlink of Contents

Letters of Comment D. Readers1
A Friend Indeed Barbara H. Victor16
Streams of Flow Terri Librande26
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray35
Moody Blues Jackie Wagner36
Partners in Crime Sheila Paulson40
Informal Poll of QL-Related Objects Youse Guys56
Cartoon Jane Mailander57
Photographs Jane Mailander58
Special Delivery Ann Raymont62
Cartoons Nola Frame-Gray65
One Small Leap Rebecca Reeves67
The Time Traveller Jane Mailander83
The Project Observer Jane Mailander84
Journey's End Shari Ramseur85
Here I Come to Save the Leap! Elaine & Anne Batterby89
Appointed Rounds Terri Librande104
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray112
Cartoon Jane Mailander113
The Female Factor Meg Garrett114
At a Price Janna Stockinger122
Silent Night Ann Raymont139
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray147
Those Who Wait Jeanne O'Donnell148
Physician, Heal Thyself Kelly Hill162
A Fond Farewell to Dr. Seuss Hugh Haynie188


Cheryl Meidinger-CarterFront Cover
Pam Heath15, 96, 120, 121
H. Ann Walton34, 87, 157
Terri Librande6, 60, 70, 107, 128, 141, 166
David Lawrence176

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