The Table of Contents

Capitulation Escott1
Where the Heart Is Boswell11
A Study in Restraint One of the Particularly Warm Lot22
Summerhouse Blues Boswell24
A Tale of Christmas Past U.L. Tied33
Presenses (i) Chronicler34
The Nature of Love--A Trilogy Buggles35
The Strange Adventures of the Mickledown Silver Escott51
A Cornish Interlude Natasha55
Precipice Chronicler59
New Horizons Natasha60
A Study in Private Boswell68
Dirty Ditty The Victorians75
The Case of the Dedicated Craftsman Ophelia76
Bestowal Vernet84
The Strange Case of the Visitor in the Night Chronicler85
Lullaby Ophelia88
Revelation Chronicler90
Denouement Escott91
An Ordinary Man Chronicler97
Private Practice Lestrade98
Bah! Humbug! Ophelia103
Worth Many Wounds Chronicler111
Career Choice Chronicler115
High Hopes Escott117
Last Prelude Chronicler125
Presences (ii) Chronicler126

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