The Table of Contents

Dream Chasers Julia 1
Living Dangerously Charlie Tuna 14
Loved I Not Honour Lindar 15
Love for Sale Lindar 25
The Deepest Lie Katy 27
Suprise Present Lindar 34
Downtown Knight Lindar 35
Dreamtime Shanlun 46
Silver and Black Lindar 49
Surprise Charlie Tuna 53
What a Thought The Captain 54
Undercurrents Lindar 73
Scurrilous Shanty Rubber Johnnie 74
Up Periscope Lindar 76
An Even Sillier Shanty R. Johnnie 84
Through the Porthole 1 Ishmael 85
The Beast Julia 92
Through the Porthole 2 Ishmael 93
Inspiration Lindar 102
Dreaming Darkness Lindar 104
Time and Tide Rubber Johnnie 105
Old Man of the Sea Lindar 110
Recollections Julia 111

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