The Table of Contents

Editorial Amedia 2
And Only Duty Remains Debra Hicks 3
The Tully Gets Hitched Raid Randi Leer 18
Desert Fantasy A. Jerry Becker 22
A Romp in the Sand Siren 26
Bloopers Oopsa 26
Raids End in Lovers' Meetings Anaktoria 27
The Truth Will Out Raid Anaktoria 33
Raids Begin With Lovers' Partings Anaktoria 43
The Supreme Sacrifice... A. Jerry Becker47
Arena of Death C. Jerry Ueberall 49
The Cave M.A. Calhoon 73
The Public Schoolboys Raid Randi Leer 78
Another Little Secret Debra Hicks 84
Unexpected Prison Lee Giorgos 85
The Conduct Unbecoming Raid Amedia 97
The Brandenberg Gate Raid Elanta 101
The Cost of Duty Debra Hicks 116


Joey 17, 21, 77, 83, 95, 100, 114, 117

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