The Table of Contents

Half a Loaf Linda Norman1
Groundhog Lay Predatrix5
Playtime Julia Stamford29
Strict Protein Diet Predatrix34
As Easy as Falling Off a Bike Helen Patrick56
Hot Tub Helen Patrick63
Conversion to the Faith Helen Patrick70
Sleeping Arrangements Predatrix & Helen Patrick71
Three's a Crowd Julia Stamford79
Stuff and Nonsense Executrix90
Persuasion Executrix100
Night Blake, Day Blake Amethyst Lane106
Black Leather Rose Julia Stamford125
Pecking Order Helen Patrick137
The Other Side of Heaven Willa Shakespeare139
Things We Said Today Hafren150
Time and Fevers Nova154
Outlaws and In-Laws Nova168
Rest Easy Susan Sicafoosh203


Val Westallfront cover, 132

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