The Table of Contents

A Dangerous Concept Nova 1
A Friend in Need Julia Stamford 14
Is a Friend Indeed Julia Stamford 19
Rhetorical Questions Predatrix 29
Mastery Willa Shakespeare 43
Window Shoppping Helen Patrick 84
Glorious Smut Vanessa Mullen90
To the Victor Amethyst Lane 91
The Biter Bit Nova 99
Hostage Situations Belatrix Carter 112
None So Blind Carrie Vonne 123
Desire Linda Norman 129
Desire Ravenschild 131
The I-Lab of Dr. Moro Willa Shakespeare 132
Midnight Blue Linda Norman 163
And They Lived Happily Ever After? January Garnet 173
Why I Can't Stand Vila Restal Nova 180
Black Velvet Band Vanessa Mullen 185
Touching Life Vanessa Mullen 187

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