The Table of Contents

The Gift Pat Terra 1
Innerspace Pat Terra 24
Wild, Beautiful and Damned Gemini 25
Set the Night on Fire Riley Cannon 40
Deliver Us from Evil Willa Shakespeare 44
Scent of Memory Robin Hood 61
Gorgeous Gloria Lancaster &
R. Olivia Brown
Ride the Moon Robin Hood 74
Though Memories Die, Love Remains Leah Starsky 75
Jagged Mind Robin Hood 82
Trusting to Fate Tara 83
Legacy Tara 90
Sentence Kate Deery 94
Avon, My Avon Vanessa Mullen 100
Differences Khylara 106
Finally Come Home Irish 107
The Color of Mourning Robin Hood 119
New Day Dawning Imajiru Mackenzie 120
Surrender Khylara 126
What Price Victory? Catherine 127
The Ghosts of Gauda Prime Natasha Solten 135

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