The Table of Contents

Second Sight Pam Rose 1
Certain Changes Sylvia Knight 27
So Much in Common Dovya Blacque 36
Whole of an Ancient Evil Bryn Lantry 37
Beyond the Storm Dovya Blacque 58
Firefall Elena Mora 59
Points of Light Elena Mora 66
Brightness Falls Robin Hood 72
Noli Me Tangere Riley Cannon 73
Alliterative Ballad Ababa Brouhaha 76
Another Bizarre Verse Ava B. Vava 119
Liquid Dreams Robin Hood 120
Guilt and Ice Natasha Solten 121
Apologia Sue-Anne Hartwick 122
A Distant Land Etticles 123
Remember the Dream Melody Clark 137
The Shadow of a Hero Dovya Blacque 149

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