The Elf Lord of Contents

DiNozzo Luck Annie1
An injury for Tony leads to a revelation for Gibbs.

After the Pain Annie7
Tony finds out that sometimes settling for second best has the propensity to cause you untold pain.

Rule 13 Annie36
Tony's in big trouble, but Rule 13 comes to the rescue.

The Gibbs Cure Annie40
After "Chained," Tony's not quite up to par, but he's a little surprised at Gibbs' response to that.

Starting Over Annie44
In this crossover with CSI: New York, when Tony's in trouble in New York, Gibbs races to his aid and runs into an old friend, who makes him recognize a few home-truths.

After the Storm Annie54
Tony's been away for a year. He returns a changed man with a small bundle in tow. Can he and Jethro rebuild their life together or will a painful tragedy force them apart again?


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