The Table of Contents

Spirit of the Season Mary Robertson1
Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Sneezes Elaine Batterby13
What Price Friendship Ann Leonhart19
Sortie Mary Lozinski31
Word Search Sheila Paulson34
Perchance to Dream Cindy Rancourt35
Trial and Error Birgit Stabler51
The Juggler Sheila Paulson57
Ghost Fever Claire Cross66
Remember Lupusville Jeanne Hutton67
Down for the Count Kitty Woldow85
Take My Word For It Cassandra Kam97
Everything's Fine Birgit Stabler108
Twister Brenda Anders109
Blizzard Sheila Paulson131


Ann Larimerfront cover
Petra Berghofer3, 7, 11, 52, 55
Suzie Molnar21, 27, 130, 135, 144, 157
Sharon Palmer37, 43, 47, 93
Sheila Paulson65, 129
Joy Riddle71, 81, 99, 100, 106
Sandy Schreiber16, 33
Marty Seigrist56, 113, 121
Kitty Woldow12

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