Feasting with Panthers cover

Type: slash

In Victorian London, tea merchant and occult enthusiast Sir Justin Morningway has been saddled with his orphaned nephew, Harold Dresden. To have Harry trained to further Sir Justin's ambitions, he sends Harry to his acquaintance Robert, Viscount Bainbridge, for tutoring in the dark arts. In this spellbinding novel by MJ, with color covers and interior art by Elfqueen, Morningway suspects neither his nephew's actual abilities nor the alliance Harry will forge with the wealthy, handsome, older sorcerer. After Bainbridge is forced to meet Morningway in an illegal duel, he and Harry flee to Paris, and then to America -- to Massachusetts, where Bainbridge plans to learn more about an ancient grimoire filled with the secrets of necromancy and the worship of loathsome gods and sea creatures. Oscar Wilde, Aleister Crowley, Sherlock Holmes and the residents of Arkham, Massachusetts, all cross Bainbridge's and Harry's paths as the two magicians come face to face with the murderous rites of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Having grown to love one another, can the snarky English necromancer and his headstrong student stay together in the midst of deaths both magical and mundane, resurrection of the dead, occult wars, and the arrest of Bainbridge's close friend Wilde?

The Snare of the Fowler cover

Type: slash

In this engaging sequel to Feasting with Panthers, by M.J., with a gorgeous color cover by Elfqueen, Robert, Viscount Bainbridge and his lover, Harold Dresden, return to England with the Wardens watching over their shoulders, only to stumble across a plot to blackmail England's occultists. Add in an attempted murder by Bob's uncontrollable brother, a niece who spurns Society and wants to be a witch, and her tutor, a witch who wants to enter Society, and mayhem is the result. Sherlock Holmes returns, Victorian feminist occultist and actress Florence Farr appears, and so does "a certain gracious lady" whose own royal family is touched by the blackmail scheme. Can Harry and Bob figure it out before dire consequences result? Come see!