The "They're Not Bad Dreams, They're Night Terrors" of Contents

Confessions Over Exhibits 10-18 M.J.Alan/Denny 1
With a Little Help from My Friend cassandraAlan/Denny 8
Bliss T'LinAlan/Denny 19
CinderAlan Farfalla CaquiAlan/Denny 21
I Hate Nature CassandraBrad/Denny 34
The Snows of Yesterday M.J.Alan/Denny 37
Just Another Evening at the Office Farfalla CaquiAlan/Denny 45
Grass is Green GhostwriterAlan/Denny 47
Wives and Lovers M.J.Alan/Denny 58
Jingle Bells CassandraAlan/Denny/Brad 63
Sneaking into Reality Farfalla CaquiAlan/Denny 88
Of Fathers, Friends, Sons and Lovers GhostwriterAlan/Denny 89
I Don't Take It All M.J.Alan/Denny 104
The Loophole Farfalla CaquiAlan/Denny 107
In the Arms of Another Man T'LinAlan/Denny 122
Yes, Master CassandraAlan/Denny/Brad 130
Burning Bridge M.J.Alan/Denny 157
Here's to No Tomorrows GhostwriterAlan/Denny 161
Yellow Wave Farfalla CaquiAlan/Denny 168
Being Loved GhostwriterAlan/Denny 171


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