The Table of Contents

Inheritance Patricia D'Orazio9
Predator's Plaything Gena Fisher41
Veterans Day Rowena Warner47
My Life for My Sheep Patricia Fogelman49
Changeling Lana G. Merkel56
Missing Scene: "Dust to Dust" Beth Muramoto57
A Penny's-Worth of Thoughts Lana G. Merkel59
Whitewood Lana G. Merkel64
Voices from the Sea Alice Aldridge65
Medal of Valor Jeanne O'Donnell81
Friends Paulie Kay89
A Codicil to Venveance Karen Miller91
Hot Seat Beth Muramoto97
Shadow of Thy Wings Jan Lindner109
Harrison: Doppleganger Mary G.T. Webber143
Quinn: Tergiversator Mary G.T. Webber145
Eagle's Cry Cheryl Sulls147
Requiem Mary Raugh149
To 'Life' Immortal Lynne Armstrong-Jones151
For Kincaid Lynne Armstrong-Jones155
Integrity Lana G. Merkel157
Finis Lana G. Merkel158
The Phoenix Beth Muramoto159
Ironhorse Karen Miller166
Requiem Karen Miller167


Ann Larimerfront cover
Constance Edwards40
Connie Faddis108, 142
Lee and J.J. MacFadden47
Lana G. Merkel56, 64, 156
Mary G.T. Webber144
Mary Wheeler63, 146

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