The Table of Contents

Mandatory Torture Blue Abyss4
The crew of Atlantis come up with inventive ways to amuse themselves during mandatory training.

Another Fine Mess, Said Rodney Lorraine Anderson48
Woolsey soon regrets his decision to go on a mission when the team is captured first by the natives and then by the Wraith!

Nine Lives Brate65
Another mission, another planet, another species out to get John Sheppard...

What Really Happened? Blue Abyss75
The team all have different memories and reports regarding a recent mission, leaving Elizabeth Weir to find out the truth for herself!

The Shame of It Lorraine Anderson114
In this novella, Rodney and Sheppard, as well as their team, try to deal with the consequences of a mission gone terribly wrong.

A Wraith in New York Sheila Paulson153
In this crossover novella with "Real Ghostbusters," the Atlantean team is running from the Wraith when an unusual form of rescue presents itself. Unfortunately, the end result is, well, a Wraith in New York. Who ya gonna call?


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