The Table of Contents

Comments from the Culprits Editors 2
The First Day of the Rest of Your Lives Rebecca Reeves 4
A Naughty Little Wicked QL Episode Guide Anonymus 23
Life is But a Dream Micheal Ruff 24
The Wandering Thoughts of a Traveler Blaine Morgan 27
A Race Againest Time Anne Muscarella 28
Sam's Dilemma Ellen Henry 49
Breaking the Rules Lorraine Bartlett 50
The Leap Blaine Morgan 62
For Want of a Nail Doranna Durgin 64
The Road Not Traveled Sara Arnold 71
I Do (But Do I Have To?) Shannon O'Connor 87


Karen Riverfront cover
Doranna Durgin 63, 66
Anne Muscarella 39
Kate Nuernberg 56, 75
Bobbi Jo Simons 86, 104, back cover
Frank Solomon49

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