The Table of Contents

The Epic Limerick Caroline Mockett1
Killing Love Sheila Paulson3
A Nugatory Tale Elyse Dickenson9
Pure Maple Sonnets Jane Mailander13
Good Enough Angela Rivieccio14
It's a Wolf's Life Jane Mailander45
Three Kids and a Mountie Marna Hughes46
Angie Teri Sarick56
The Wait Elyse Dickenson57
Constable Fraser's Waltz Jacqueline Newsom74
The Wish Melissa Mastoris75
Family Secrets Quill77
Haunted Christine Carr87
Dudley DoRight Bites the Dust Jane Mailander92
A Woman Scorned Marna Hughes92
Thank You Kindly Teri Sarick102
Par for the Course Judy Stouffer103
I Need Melissa Mastoris119
So Full of Fearful Dreams Paula120
Why Wolf and Coyote Hunt Together Jane Mailander141
Out Past the 49th Line Teri Sarick149
The Right Words Melissa Mastoris150
Chicago Burning Samantha151


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