Set almost entirely in Canada, this story occurs immediately after the events of The Collection, Vol. 6: Summer of '65, in October and November of 1965.

(from the Prologue)

Waverly set the pipe on the ashtray, too aware of the slight tremble of his hand. If Galland was after Solo as well, then to protect the man, he had to betray him. But there were levels of betrayal. Some were redeemable.

Twenty minutes later, he had decided his next move. And the next. And the next.

It was just a matter now of getting his players into the correct positions, then he could shift them as he needed. There had to be something else on Galland's agenda and he needed to find out exactly what that was. Regardless, the plan would unfold, all would be revealed, but it would be to his benefit, not anyone else's.

He touched the intercom. "When are Solo and Kuryakin due back?"

"The flight from Chacua arrived a short time ago, sir. Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin should be here within the next fifteen or twenty minutes."

"Book them on a late afternoon flight to Montréal. I have decided not to attend the conference after all."

"When will they be returning to New York?"

"Leave the ticket open for now. And put me through to Claude Renault at the Canadian Head Office in Montréal."

Check. And soon it will be 'checkmate.'

Alexander Waverly, Head of U.N.C.L.E. North America, would play the game, but it would be played his way. And he had no intention of sacrificing his two best pieces in the process.

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