CODE 7, VOL. 4

The Table of Contents

Foster Child of Silence and Slow Time Suzan Lovett 4
Take It to the Limit Chameleon 8
House of Cards Terri Beckett 21
Friend and Lover Jean Chabot 43
Thanksgiving Day Belle Eyre 44
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Suzan Lovett 47
Fata Obstant Lyndy Harding 54
A Fine Storm Suzan Lovett 55
The Sweetest Taboo Martha J. Bonds 90
Beginning to See the Light Jean Chabot 94
Take It Out in Trade Paula Smith 96
The Best I Can Martha J. Bonds 99
White Wolf Pat Massie 116
Winter Lynna Bright 117
Scales of Just-As-Good Paula Smith & Jody Nye 138
Summer '61/Winter '82 Lyndy Harding 146
Somewhere in the Night B.L. Barr 147
Delivered to Thee Leah Starsky 149
Starsky: Book of Revelations Chameleon 152
Blinded By the Light Marian Kelly 165


Karen Eaton 164

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