CODE 7, VOL. 3

The Table of Contents

Crying in the Rain Roberta Wynters4
My Sturdy, Tawny Mount Pat Massie22
Enchanter's Nightshade Terri Beckett 24
So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done Annete Hall28
Babe Ima Fool 30
Revelations Rosamund Clifford31
They Went Thataway Jody Nye 35
Circle's End Sandra Chapman39
At Your Own Risk Lyndy Harding 46
Crying for the Moon Fanny Adams48
Whisper Dargelos 57
Lonely People Rosamund Clifford 58
The Vintage Years Lyndy Harding 63
Consummatum Est Terri Beckett 64
Hop on Cop Not the Berenstains 66
Cookie Monster Libby Ames 68
Quietus Jean Chabot 75
Night Patrol Dargelos 76
I'll See You in My Dreams Kate Wallace78
God Bless the Child Dargelos 80
Ebb Tide Syn Fergusson 83
Tender Me to Sleep Pat Massie 86
Time It Was Dargelos 88
Three Senryu for Sweet Revenge Dargelos 90
Death by Water Dargelos 91

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