The Murphy Bed of Contents

Letters of Comment D. Readers1
The Flasher Janet Walker15
My Partner the Gun Natasha Barry25
Mate Gene S. Delapenia32
Fear of Immortality Salazar33
Cartoon Karen Eaton60
The Wall Sheila Paulson61
Breaking Cover Ellis Ward65
Cartoon Karen Eaton100
Take Off Natasha Barry101
Vex Not His Ghost Sheila Paulson105
Cartoon Karen Eaton124
Wondering--Macklin K.D. Swan125
To Catch a Human Terence129
Close Call Sue Wells137
Snippets Khrystyna160
That Men Should Fear Jatona P. Walker161
Confection K.D. Swan171
The Last Time We Saw Bodie Linda Terrell185


TACSFront Cover
PhoenixA, 63, 74, 86, 166
KOZ7, 28, 103
Karen Eaton24
Corinna Hansen32, 128, 155
Dani Lane34, 50, 126, 183
Suzan Lovett96-A, 190, 195
Sheila Paulson114, 123
Pat Cash133, 136
Adrian Morgan31

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