The Table of Contents

Anthem Taylor Gibbs5
Affirmation Taylor Gibbs9
Declaration Taylor Gibbs12
Resolution Taylor Gibbs14
Roar Taylor Gibbs19
After the Gold Taylor Gibbs21
Moving Mountains Taylor Gibbs26
They'll Never Know Taylor Gibbs29
Fudgesicle Taylor Gibbs34
Favorite Taylor Gibbs37
Come Closer Taylor Gibbs40
A Matter of Trust Taylor Gibbs47
Bunkmates Taylor Gibbs56
Dire Straits Taylor Gibbs58
Instinct and Comfort Taylor Gibbs80
Just Breathe Taylor Gibbs84
Shots Taylor Gibbs88
Do or Die Taylor Gibbs91
Homecoming Taylor Gibbs107
Warmth from Within Taylor Gibbs116
Virile Taylor Gibbs119
Jump First, Punishment Later Taylor Gibbs121
Home for the Holidays Taylor Gibbs128
Finding Him at the End Taylor Gibbs133
Real Thing Taylor Gibbs139
All Wet Taylor Gibbs144
Reckless and Wild Taylor Gibbs153
I Need You Taylor Gibbs161
Staking His Claim Taylor Gibbs166
Orange Taylor Gibbs170
Bottled Taylor Gibbs173
Taking You Home Taylor Gibbs180
Voices Carry Taylor Gibbs186
Little Moments Taylor Gibbs191
Hand to Hand Taylor Gibbs198
Tony Knows Taylor Gibbs206
Delivering the Truth Taylor Gibbs210
Fringe Benefits Taylor Gibbs215
Shadows Taylor Gibbs225
Unconventional Family Taylor Gibbs228
Irreplaceable You Taylor Gibbs234
Remembering Taylor Gibbs237
Simple Things Taylor Gibbs245
Boat, Bourbon, Basement Taylor Gibbs252


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