The Table of Contents

Victims All Tracy9
Inauguration Day M. Leigh Frank27
Brethren M. Leigh Frank28
We Regret to Inform You... Reginia Marracino29
Tomato Past(e) Sue Wells33
Thoughts in a Cellar B.L. Barr36
Loose Ends L.A. Carr38
Interlude Glenda Young40
Some Wars are Never Over E.M. Batterby41
A Victimless Crime Llaura Enright42
Bad Moon Rising Judy Darnell59
Savage Circle Linda Maclaren65
Squibs We Might Have Seen Carlos, Bruno & Surplus Sammy96
Brethren II M. Leigh Frank98
Conversations Glenda Young99
Image in a Fragmented Mirror Ann Leonhart101
A Matter of Face, a Matter of Family Mary Robertson108
Things My Brother Taught Me Joan Enright126
Trilogy Glenda Young127
The Birthday Present Amanda Brock133
American Video L.A. Carr138
The Day Summer Ended Joan Enright140
Two Poems Carol Hillman141
There Goes the Neighborhood S.C. Hall143
A Significant Obsession Carol Hillman144
Coincidence Joan Bass145
Cancelled Flight Brenda Anders176
Twins Carol Hillman181
Foreshadowing Jean Thrower183
The Last summer of Their Innocence Jean Thrower199
Matchmaker, Matchmaker B.L. Barr200
Confessions Glenda Young201
Bonds of Brotherhood Sandra Basham202
Slow Down Glenda Young204
Journey into the Past Brenda Anders205


Kathy Lachenauer58, inside back cover
Shayne McCormack175
Desire Gonzalesoutside back cover

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