The Table of Contents

The Ghosts of Christmas Past Marion Hall3
Profile of My Brother Lis17
Jennifer's Story Valerie DeVries20
Masquerade Barbara Trimble24
Captain's Mate Kathie Hart32
Crystal Illusions Catherine Schlein35
A Price Worth Paying Sandra Basham64
Brothers Vonne Shepard67
In the Shadow of the Wall Jean Thrower68
A Brother's Pride Nancy Hildebrand72
False Perception Mary Stano74
Rick Vonne Shepard83
In About a Hundred Years or So Nancy Kippax84
Transformation Martha Crawford88
The Reunion Stars at Eight C. Schlein & M. Crawford89
Facing It Christine Jeffords94
Reflections in a Nightmare Valerie DeVries101
And What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation? M. Hall103
Legacy of War Martha Crawford114
To Walk a Fine Line Catherine Schlein116


Catherine Schleinfront cover, 7, 78
Roseanne Rice37

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