The Table of Contents

After-Effects Brenda Anders3
The Adventures of Marlowe Simon Joy Moreau24
Friends Rowena Warner29
One Step from Darkness Sandra Basham31
Ribbons of Chance Martha Crawford42
Miles to Run Joan Enright44
Simon Eyes Jean Thrower46
Things That Go Thump in the Night Rachelle Stein47
A Hot, Muggy Night in Paradise Martha Crawford60
Heart and Sole M. Leigh Frank 66
The Price of Love Valerie DeVries68
Revenge Martha Crawford82
Sometimes Nightmares Return Martha Crawford85
A Good Shoot M. Leigh Frank101
Too Close to Home Jean Thrower103
Where Have All the Young Men Gone? Catherine Schlein104


Leslie Spurlockfront cover
Debi Barbich7, 64
Melody Rondeau25, 67
Catherine Schlein18, 67, 49, 70, 83

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