The Table of Contents

Acts of Fear E.C. CooperNick/Warrick 4
That Look Starr CopelandNick/Gris 5
A Shadow's Love Chris J. UeberallNick/Gris 24
Blue: Pt. 1 in the Color Series ValentineNick/Gris 25
Green: Pt. 2 in the Color Series ValentineBobby/David 35
Yellow: Pt. 3 in the Color Series ValentineNick/Gris 39
Red: Pt. 4 in the Color Series ValentineNick/Gris 41
Ad Absurdum Chris J. UeberallGreg/Gris 45
Elegy Dovya BlacqueNick/Gris 49
Challenge E.C. CooperNick/Gris 75
Layers Chris J. UeberallNick/Gris 76
Open Season VampyrAlexNick/Warrick 77
Declaration Starr CopelandNick/Gris 100
Three Wise Men Chris J. UeberallNick/Greg/Gris 101
Collision Course Starr CopelandNick/Gris, Jim/Blair 111
Hero Worship E.C. CooperNick/Gris 123
The Pants Amy MarieNick/Greg 124
Vegas - 7 Flashes Chris J. UeberallWarrick/Greg 125
Lifeline Maxine B. CurryNick/Gris 131
A Moment's Heartache Starr CopelandNick/Gris 148
Wake Up and Smell the Roses ValentineNick/Gris 149
Lady Heather's Garden Dovya BlacqueNick/Gris 151


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