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Perfecto Devra3
Post-"Baltimore". So, what was the real story behind Tony's missing cell phone and Gibbs' glasses?

Secrets Annie and Lyn10
In this Tony/Tim tale, Tony's got a secret.

Hell of a Thing JayEm15
When heterosexual, ex-Marine, all-American Gibbs notes a new look in Tony's eyes, one he's never seen before, he's driven to produce it again, to make Tony give him that look again -- and to figure out what caused it in the first place.

Sleepless...but Not in Seattle Lyn18
Tony's been a bit... distracted lately.

Slippery When Wet Devra21
Tony was able to do a lot of things in the dark. Sleep. Have sex. Jerk off. Answer the phone. Shut off a ringing alarm...

Falling Down Rose Malmaison27
After Tony is hurt in an undercover op, Gibbs makes it his personal business to take care of his agent. Tony discovers he's attracted to his boss and invites him to spend a weekend away with him.

TKO Marzipan7787
Amanda Reed had opened a crack in Tony’s armor, armor that Tony had worn since a young man lost his first love to a horrible disease and lost his trust and loyalty to corrupt, homophobic men who claimed to be his partners. And, blow after blow, some more of the playboy, the shallow, happy idiot falls away and the depth of his longing is revealed. And leaves him open, once again, to hurt, to desire, and, maybe, to love.


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