The Table of Contents

Discord Joyce Helen Hindman7
As I was Going Up the Stairs Angela Field41
Caution -- Heroes Ahead! Yvette Clarke57
Snapshots Denyse Bridger59
Simple Touch J. Helen Hindman66
M*I*C*K*E*Y* and M*O*L*L*Y* Go to Maine Rachelle Stein69
Taking Stock Gerald D. Wilson93
File 666 Angela Field99
Charlie Marcia Brin107
Warped Humor Press J.H. Hindman120
My Valentine Rachelle Stein121
The Protection of Jade Jane A. Evans129
Baby, It's Cold Outside Angela Field172


Anja Gruber44, 67
J. Helen Hindman30, 104, 174
KOZ25, 85, 124
J.M. McClure63
Christine m. Myers115
Bonnie Reitz47, 155, 168

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