The Table of Contents

Commentary on the Play "Search and Destroy" J. Helen Hindman10
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray14
Closed Files Barbara Drake15
Mirror, Mirror Marcia Brin43
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray44
Price to Pay Rachelle Stein45
Through a Glass Darkly Marcia Brin71
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray72
White Lie Joyce Helen Hindman73
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray78
Promises P.S. Calanni79
Another Kind of Advertisement Sylvia Bartlett Mohr229
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray238
After the Funeral Joyce Helen Hindman241
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray242
Crossfire Lee Michaels243
Jimmy's Lament Marcia Brin248
The Monk Chronicles, Part 2: Foreign Policy Rachelle Stein249
The Man Who Cheated Death Robin S. Walker
Cartoon Nola Frame-Gray296


Rachelle Steinfront cover, 267, 275, back cover
Anja Gruber22, 33, 46, 50, 64, 236, 245
Joyce Helen Hindman13, 240
Jayne Largent113, 208
Bea Lawlor70
Lee Michaels5
Robin S. Walker294

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