The Table of Contents

Better Together Cathee Kancel 4
48 Hours of Sweat and Pain K. Hanna Korossy 12
Perspective Alison Wilson25
Tempus Fugit Robin C. Kwong 26
Sea Games Doreen Skyler 28
The Connection Julie Reitz 59
Waking to a Nightmare Jane Essenburg 66
And So It Goes Robin C. Kwong 72
Two Men and a Baby K. Hanna Korossy 74
On the Inside at Last Cathee Kancel 85
Forgive Our Trespasses Cindy Rancourt 90
Dark Waters Robin C. Kwong 100
Comfort Maria Farina 102
My Best Friend Donna Perna 105
Christmas Surprises Mary Kleinsmith 109
Venom Merry Schainblatt 119
Process K. Hanna Korossy 149
Reverse Process K. Hanna Korossy 153
Thou Shalt Not Covet Mary Kleinsmith 156
Winning Merry Schainblatt 179
Sight Restored Sandra K. Davies 189
The Fiend Cindy Rancourt 194
Aftermath Sandra K. Davies 205
The Gift Mary Kleinsmith 211


Warren Oddssonfront cover
Linda Cody11, 73, 108, 188

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