The Table of Contents

Allegiance Jean Graham3
Wolf Logic Ann K. Schwader15
Scorpion Man Tyndara Meffe16
Puppeteer Aya Katz17
The Plaxton Principle of Double Effect Anne Collins Smith39
Rumors of Veneance Ann K. Schwader40
Promises Jean Lorrah41
Embers to Ashes Leigh Graham53
The One You Love Alyns Lawchilde77
Haiku: Star One Marie Logan78
The Weapons Fair Jean B. Hubb79
Finale Jeff Morris105
Space Fall in Solitary Ann K. Schwader108
Last Reflections Ann K. Schwader109


Linda C. Fairbanksfront and back covers
Kathryn Anderson16, 29, 51, 91, 107
Annie Hamilton78
Mariann Howarth2, 9

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