The Table of Contents

Call of the Wild Jane Mailander1
No Fury Jane Mailander7
Welcome to My Dungeon Caroline Dare8
Retention of Title Gloria Lancaster18
The Observed Pat Terra28
LD50 E. Lapidae29
The Romance of the Written Word R. Olivia Brown34
Felis Avonis Jane Mailander42
Companions Randym & Cami43
Sweet Revenge Lynne Franklin49
Words Never Spoken, Words Never Heard Brendan O'Cullane52
Just One Year of Love Catherine Kendall53
Cytherea Christopher Montclair61
A Thief's Punishment Brendan O'Cullane71
Brilliance Pat Terra80
Afterplay Jane Mailander92
Stranded Matilda Willard95
Kerr Avon's Top Ten Excuses for
Shooting Roj Blake
Jane Mailander116
Entropy Pat Terra130
A Bit of Humor Jane Mailander131
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream Gene Delapenia132
It's the Thought That Counts S. Lewis133
The Quality of Mercy Matilda Willard137


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