The Table of Contents

The Hand of Friendship N.T. Casillas1
Mystery Gene S. Delapenia19
Weight Watchers Matilda Willard20
Change of Pace Paula31
Stolen Moments Khylara39
A Bit of Humor Leah Rosenthal40
For What It's Worth Judith Ellison50
Festival Matilda Willard51
Only Mistaken Jane Mailander64
Acceptance Gene S. Delapenia66
For Play E. Lapidae67
Deliverance Pat Ellen79
Hermit Crab Jane Mailander98
Fortune's Soldiers Cami99
Hitting Bottom Catocala107
Liars R.Olivia Brown113
Here in This Room Khylara128
It's a Small Ship, After All Natasha Barry129
Fire with Fire Khylara142
Orac's Research Ty Downs143


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