The Table of Contents

And the River Turned to Blood Todd Parrish2
The River of Blood Todd Parrish4
Leader of the Band Julianne Toomey5
Top Ten Names Rejected by the Cauldron of Lucifer Gail Molnar6
Hensbane and Dandelion Todd Parrish8
When the Hunter Turns the Wheel Julianne Toomey14
If Herne Had Cut a Record Gail Molnar16
Bodies Rache18
Pacts with the Devil Gail Molnar135
Voices of Color Todd Parrish136
Robin Hood Kitty Gamarra138
Owen of Clun Gail Molnar140
Cantus: Good Friday Laura Chevening141
To Bear the Hood Kitty Gamarra142
My John, He was a Wolfshead Bold Gail Molnar152
Other Ways Laura Chevening154
Dear Robert Mama214
Not That, Anything but That Gail Molnar216
Choices Laura Chevening218
All Roads Rache266


Morgan Reinholdfront cover
Lila Bess17
Kitty Gamarra137, 149
Barb Johnsonback cover, 82, 109, 151
Tom Melzer217, 263
Atsuko O'Gawaii, iv, v, 38, 215
Todd Parrish1, 7, 59
Racheinside back cover
Roseanne Rice153, 204

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