The Table of Contents

And You are There Lila Bessi
Chain Mail D. Readers1
Wayland's Sword Janet P. Reedman8
Ailric O'Loxley Ruth Dempsey9
The First One Maddog10
The Sacred Hood Janet P. Reedman18
Traitor Rache19
Tuck's Prayer Julianne Toomey38
Prayer of the Maid of Wickham Deborah M. Walsh40
Night Guardian Janet P. Reedman42
Thoughts for Much Todd Parrish44
I Trusted You Janet P. Reedman46
Lament Julianne Toomey48
Crystal Tears Wyvern51
That Which Pierces the Matter Todd Parrish52
Forgiveness Lisa Morrissey and Annette Vogel55
Successor CarolMel Ambassador59
The Year of the Siege Laura Todd65
Change Your Mind Maddog82
All the Difference Joyce Strohm84
A Question of Faith Reprised Lorraine A. Scherrer92
Desert Son Janet P. Reedman106
Epilogue: Cromm Cruach Julianne Toomey108
For All the Days Maddog112
The Templar's Warning Ruth Dempsey113
How High the Price Kitty Gamarra116
Accident of Birth Deborah M. Walsh134
Serpent's Tooth H.L. Avry136
For This Relief Much Thanks Laura Chevening183
The Homecoming Ruth Dempsey227
Pawns cindy Fairbanks230
The Riddler of Sherwood Joyce Strohm281
Herne's Song Ruth Dempsey282
Another Big Secret Story Rache284
Dear Robert Mama286
De Rainault Karen Campbell287
What's in a Name? H.L. Avry288
Guy's Only Doing It for Some Doll Karen Campbell292
Sir Guy's Day Off Ruth Dempsey294
Maid Hareion and the Seven Bunnyheads The Old Prisoner and Arthur296


Roseanne Ricefront cover, 41, 197, 223, 229, 245, 257, 275
Laura Chevening7, 278, 285
Ruth Dempsey295
Kitty Gamarra50, 121, 129
Christine Haire24, 26, 53, 83, 105, 107
Barb Johnson43, 55, 101
Atsuko Ogawa62, 87, 291, 293, 305
Tara O'Sheaback cover
Todd Parrish279
Rachetitle page, 301, inside back cover
Morgan Graewolf Reinhold135, 177
Laura Todd79
Deborah M. Walsh39, 133
Sharon Wells15, 47, 283, 290

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