The Table of Contents

Above and Beyond Cathee Kancel 1
Boys Will be Boys Sandra Davies 2
The Medicine of Life K. Hanna Korossy 8
Once Partners, Always Partners Cathee Kancel 18
I Think I'll Keep My Day Job Brenda K. Jackson 36
A Sigh of Relief Sandra Davies 51
Paying Dues K. Hanna Korossy 53
Deadly Substitutions Mary Kleinsmith 55
Vigil K. Hanna Korossy 94
The Show Must Go On Sandra Davies 96
Undercurrents K. Hanna Korossy 99
Little Boy Lost Cathee Kancel 103
Surprise, Surprise K. Hanna Korossy 110
Aftermath Sandra Davies 118
Quietus Lisa LoCicero 124
Two Against the World Ginger J. Fitts 126
What If? Gretchen M. Cupp 130
Split Second Gretchen M. Cupp 133
Belgian Carrots Ginger J. Fitts 134
Say That Again Maria Farina 137
A Starsky & Hutch Compendium K. Hanna Korossy 139


Warren Oddssonfront cover
Linda Cody 54, 109, 136

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