The Table of Contents

In Dreams Laura Chevening3
Frodo's Song Catherine Schlein9
Little Brother Rosean LaChance12
From a Lady's Heart Catherine Schlein18
Merry Brandybuck Laura Chevening21
The Lost Sheila Paulson22
Outward with the Tide Catherine Schlein63
After the Storm Rosean LaChance66
50 Ways to Lose Sarah Macht88
Breath of Life Catherine Schlein89
The Elves' Leaving Gail Molnar120
Wishing on the Moon Sheila Paulson121
Fire and Rain Sarah Macht129
Merry in the Houses of Healing Laura Chevening132
Gandalf the Grey Gail Molnar135
The Morning After Rosean LaChance137
The Orcs are Back Gail Molnar140


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