11 AND 2, VOL. 6

The Table of Contents

The Not-So-Safe House Affair Peggy Hartsook and Deb Stewart 3
The 'Today Salzburg, Tomorrow the World' Affair Grace Kanninen 17
The Deluxe Crystal Affair Anne Collins Smith33
The Extreme Prejudice Affair Gina Martin 47
Waverly Anne Collins Smith 55
I See You've Come to Rescue Me Jane Standford Gravitt 56
The Seventeen Days in October Affair J.M. D'Agostino, Toney & Terry L. Neill 59
The Turbuff Affair: One to Remember Michael Macomber 92
The London Affair Loretta Greco 93
Symbiosis Jody A. Cummings 110
The Worm in the Apple Affair Hugh Williamson 111
The CBN Affair Paula Smith 139
Accusation Melissa Mastoris 143
Rebuttal Melissa Mastoris 144
The Affair Affair Teresa Sarick 145


Cheryl Newsome 2
Anne Davenport 16
Deborah Franklin 32, 146
Stanford 142

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