11 AND 2, VOL. 5

The Table of Contents

The Nice Red Suits Affair Jennifer Adams 3
The Now You See Him, Now You Don't Affair Charlie Kirby 7
The Twenty Minutes Into the Future Affair Gail Mihara 13
The Miscellaneous Affair Terri Sarick 39
The McCallum Affair Loretta Greco 41
New Year's Resolutions of My Favorite Uncle Teri Sarick 45
Portfolio: "The Grab Bag" Various Artists 46
The One the Suit Was Made For Affair Gina Martin 49
The Ballad of John and the Time Lords Jennifer Adams 69
The City of Lies Affair Nan Mack and C.W. Walker 93
The Top Ten List from the Offices ISI Sue Anne Sarick 121


Paulie Front Cover, 48
Tami Marie 2, 68, 92
Joyce Hindman 40
Dover 44, 67

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