11 AND 2, VOL. 1

The Table of Contents

Conference Room Tam and P.J. 1
LoC Column Various3
The Level Zero Affair D.L. Balmer11
The Teacher, Teacher Affair Stewart Johnston27
The Dirty Diaper Affair J.E. Wells37
The Cat And Mouse Business Teresa Sarick47
PORTFOLIO: A Matter of Communications Paulie48
The Kentucky Dam Camping Affair J.E. Wells51
The Milton-Freewater Affair Terry Neill & Anne Davenport71
Whispers in Empty Halls/Tall Tales Joyce H. Hindman91
U.N.C.L.E. OFFICIAL MEMO Jan Lindner92
The Courier Affair Lorretta Greco93
Tie Him Up Tweety Diamond and the Thrushettes109
Solo Impressions Tam112
Kuryakin Impressions Paulie113


PaulieFront Cover
CAK36, 112, 113
Howarth69, 70, 112
Kurz10, 112, 113
Paulie113. 122
Spurlock47, 50, 113
Stanford50, 111, 115
Tami Marie114
Dover26, 35

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